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Exploring the Wonders of Illusion Museum

Welcome to the fascinating world of illusion at the TFTI (Thanks for the Invite) Museum in Houston! Step into a realm where reality bends and imagination runs wild. With over 18 interactive rooms designed for fun photos and immersive experiences, this museum offers a unique journey through creativity and illusion.

The Infinity Mirror Room

One of the most mesmerizing attractions at the Illusion Museum is the Infinity Mirror Room. As you enter, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a seemingly endless reflection of lights and colors. The carefully placed mirrors create an illusion of infinite space, making it the perfect backdrop for striking photos.

The Upside Down Experience

Prepare to have your world turned upside down in the Upside Down Experience room. Walk on the ceiling, defy gravity, and challenge your perception of reality as you explore this mind-bending space. With cleverly designed furniture and props, every corner of this room is an opportunity for creative photography.

Pillow Fight Room

Let your inner child loose in the Pillow Fight Room! Dive into a sea of soft pillows and engage in a friendly battle with friends or family. Capture the joy and laughter as feathers fly in all directions, creating a whimsical atmosphere that’s perfect for candid shots.

Confetti Room

Step into a world of vibrant colors and endless celebration in the Confetti Room. Thousands of colorful confetti pieces rain down from above, creating a magical moment frozen in time. Dance, jump, or simply bask in the confetti-filled air as you capture memories that will last a lifetime.


The Illusion Museum at TFTI offers an unforgettable experience that combines art, creativity, and interactive fun. With its diverse range of rooms and attractions, visitors of all ages are sure to be delighted and inspired. Whether you’re snapping selfies in the Infinity Mirror Room or unleashing your inner child in the Pillow Fight Room, the museum provides endless opportunities for imagination to soar.


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