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Get Alaska Skiing: The Best Experience You Need


Alaska is the largest state in the United States, and is known as “The Last Frontier” because of its vast land and natural beauty. Heli skiing and snowboarding is one of the best ways to explore the natural beauty of Alaska. Alaska Backcountry Guides offer unique services that allow you to enjoy pristine snow and never-before-seen terrain.

Get Skiing and Snowboarding: A Unique Experience

  1. Air Travel: Getting to the best ski areas is done by helicopter. This provides an excellent opportunity to explore unreachable terrain.
  2. Fresh Snow: In Alaska, fresh snow is found that no one has used before. This provides an unforgettable and unique experience.
  3. Trust and Security: Alaska Backcountry Guides are experts in safety and skiing. They ensure that you enjoy a safe and fun experience.

Benefits of Heli Skiing and Snowboarding in Alaska

  1. Different Lands: Alaska’s terrain is very diverse, from high mountains to low valleys. This makes heli skiing and snowboarding fun and challenging.
  2. Clean Ice: Alaska has very clean snow that no one has used before. This provides a unique and unforgettable experience.
  3. Weather and Conditions: Alaska’s climate is diverse and allows you to enjoy skiing a lot. Alaska Backcountry Guides provide comprehensive information on weather and snow conditions.

Experienced Alaska Backcountry Guides

  1. Long Experience: Alaska Backcountry Guides have extensive experience in heli skiing and snowboarding. They offer services suitable for everyone, from beginners to the experienced.
  2. Experienced Leaders: Guides are experts in skiing and safety. They ensure that you enjoy a safe and fun experience.
  3. Modern Equipment: Alaska Backcountry Guides use state-of-the-art, high-quality equipment to ensure you enjoy the best experience.

Selection of Programs and Packages

  1. Various Programs: Alaska Backcountry Guides offer a variety of programs to suit your needs and experience level. You can choose short-term or long-term programs.
  2. Accommodation and Food Packages: The packages also include accommodation and food, allowing you to fully enjoy your skiing holiday.
  3. Guidance and Training: Guides provide comprehensive instruction and training to help you enjoy skiing safely and confidently.

How to Prepare

  1. Special Equipment: It is important to have special equipment to prepare for heli skiing and snowboarding. Alaska Backcountry Guides provides a detailed gear list to ensure you are prepared for your trip.
  2. Weather and Conditions: It’s important to keep track of weather and snow conditions to prepare for what’s ahead. The leaders will give you a full briefing on the conditions.
  3. Physical Preparation: Access to heli skiing and snowboarding requires physical preparation. It is recommended that you do physical training to prepare.


Heli skiing alaska and snowboarding in Alaska is an unforgettable experience that allows you to enjoy clean snow and amazing terrain. Alaska Backcountry Guides provide high quality and safe services, and ensure you enjoy the best experience. Don’t wait, plan your skiing and snowboarding trip in Alaska today.


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