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The Intersection of Computer Science and Medicine: David Ginn’s Expertise

In today’s rapidly advancing world, the intersection of computer science and medicine plays a crucial role in enhancing healthcare outcomes. David Ginn, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Augusta University, is a shining example of how expertise in both fields can revolutionize the healthcare industry. With over a decade of experience as a Physician Assistant in the US Army, Ginn’s unique background in computer science and global health equips him with the skills to tackle complex health issues efficiently and effectively.

David Ginn’s Journey:

Lieutenant Colonel David Ginn’s journey into the world of medicine and technology began in Hobart, Indiana, where he was born in 1981. After graduating from Rutherford High School, he joined the United States Army Reserves before receiving an ROTC scholarship from Florida Southern College. Ginn went on to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in computer science and mathematics, setting the stage for his future endeavors.

Upon commissioning as a Transportation Officer in the Regular Army, Ginn deployed to Iraq as a Convoy Commander, where he honed his leadership skills and navigated perilous terrains. Following his deployment, he pursued a Master’s Degree in Physician Assistant Studies at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, solidifying his commitment to healthcare.

Expertise in Global Health and Military Medicine:

Ginn’s expertise in global health and military medicine is a testament to his dedication to improving healthcare access and quality. His experience as a Physician Assistant in various Army units, including the 2nd Battalion, 69th Armored Regiment, and the 23rd WMD-CST, showcases his versatility and commitment to serving diverse populations.

Moreover, Ginn’s role as a Senior Physician Assistant in the Georgia National Guard highlights his commitment to providing quality healthcare services, even in challenging circumstances. His contributions to the 42nd WMD-CST in North Carolina further underscore his passion for leveraging technology and data to enhance healthcare outcomes.

The Impact of Computer Science in Healthcare:

Ginn’s background in computer science enables him to harness the power of technology to improve health outcomes and streamline healthcare processes. From utilizing electronic health records to implementing telemedicine solutions, Ginn’s proficiency in data-driven approaches enhances patient care and operational efficiency.

Through his collaborations with diverse teams and stakeholders, Ginn advocates for health equity and justice, ensuring that marginalized communities have access to quality healthcare services. His innovative use of technology and data analysis sets him apart as a leader in the intersection of computer science and medicine.


In conclusion, David Ginn’s expertise in the intersection of computer science and medicine exemplifies the transformative power of multidisciplinary approaches in healthcare. As an Assistant Professor at Augusta University and a seasoned Physician Assistant with a strong background in global health and military medicine, Ginn continues to make significant contributions to the field.


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